Do you like what Happy City is up to? Want to join a community of people working to make the city a better place? Sign up to volunteer! Read down the page for a list of open volunteer positions, then drop us a line at admin@happycity.ca and we’ll set up a time to meet with you!

Volunteer Positions:

Our volunteers are organized into issues teams centered on the big issues that people have brought to us, as well as planning teams that will help the organization run more smoothly and guide us through our new Strategic Plan. Each issues team will include one member of our Board to keep the lines of communication clear, but we hope they start to take on a life of their own. You’re welcome to join one, or more than one!

Issues Teams

The Built Environment: Does urban planning and architecture in St. John’s really get you going? This is the team for you. Help us get people together to talk about the future of design in St. John’s.

Democratic Process: This team is our “watchdog” team that will coordinate our work to demystify the goings-on at city hall, keep an eye on engagement efforts, and get people out to public consultations.

Transportation: This team will focus on how we get around – our transit systems, bike infrastructure, roads, and trails.

Community and Cultural Life: This team will focus on helping organize and promote community-building and neighbourhood life. Want to get a block party going? This is where to be.

Healthy Cities: This team takes a look at how we can build a community and an environment that supports health.  We’ve got an Environment Forum coming up in early May as well – sign up here to help with that!

Economy, Finance, and Affordability: This team will focus on conversation around keeping our city’s economy ticking and its amenities accessible to people across the income spectrum.

Planning Teams

Strategic Planning Team: Got a head for long-term thinking? Help keep us on track!

Marketing and Membership Team: Help us to a better job of engaging with all the Happy Citizens out there

Institutional Planning Team: Help us build up our organization and do succession planning

Finance and Revenue Team: Help us build budgets and find new revenue!